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Syd’s passion is to inspire through sharing her wealth of culinary knowledge and skills and creating memorable food workshop experiences.

English born Syd moved to Australia in the seventies and started up Pemberton's Travelling Fare, a catering company specializing in TV and film working with The Michael Parkinson Show, This Is Your Life, The Inventors, Guess Who is coming to Dinner and feeding the likes of with Mel Gibson, Paul Hogan, Bert Newton to name a few.

She has catered for many private and corporate clients and after many requests from clients and friends, Syd started writing cookbooks and presenting cooking classes and eventually started up pembertons FOOD WORKSHOP to provide market tours, Sydney food tours and hands on cooking classes.

Out of her love of all things practical, Sydney has written hugely successful household hint books - Syd Pembertons Ecologically Sound Household Handbook, Kitchen Wizardry and Household Lore, and How to Clean Practically Anything.

She has written a wide selection of cook books - How to Cook Practically Anything, The Cakes and Pudding Book, The Penguin Barbecue Book, The Juice Book, Jams and Preserves Book, High Calcium Cooking, Smart Food, The Soup Book, Food for Everybody cooking for Diabetes, The Muffin Book, Wok Cooking and From Water to Plate the essential seafood handbook.

She has worked for several seasons of Master Chef on their last two Master Chef Cookbooks. She also contributes to Australian Good Taste Magazine.

Syd is currently the Convivium Leader to Slow Food Sydney and is passionate about the Slow Food principles of Good Clean and Fair food production as well as education for inner city school children on the principles of growing and tasting and cooking foods. For more details on Slow Food Sydney check out the website about membership and what they do.

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